17 Things Marketers Should Delete From Their Facebook Strategy NOW

I found this article on HubSpot,17 Things Marketers Should Delete From Their Facebook Strategy NOW.

Now with over 750 million members, there’s no doubt that Facebook should be a part of your business’ social media marketing strategy. At this point, it’s almost insane to think that your own prospects and customers aren’t on Facebook, which is why many businesses are realizing they need to create an engaging and valuable Facebook presence for their fans that also serves as a viable channel for generating traffic and leads for their business…”

Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/23603/17-Things-Marketers-Should-Delete-From-Their-Facebook-Strategy-NOW.aspx

It contains a few obvious things, and a few things I hadn’t thought of. I particularly liked #9: “Content That Isn’t Valuable: Like we just said, focus on high-quality posts, and don’t waste your posts on low-quality content that generates no conversation or results. To get the most lead gen juice out of your Facebook presence, try to post content that requires a form download.”  This is something I’ve been having a problem with lately, so I haven’t really been posting like I should. My status updates have been few and far in between, basically to avoid posting meaningless or irrelevant content.

I will definitely be heeding the advice in this article, and checking out more of HubSpot. I hope this article helps others as much as it helped me!





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